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About us

Aerospot Drone Services provides high resolution digital imagery and data to allow you to make the best informed decisions possible in the shortest amount of time. Using Aerospot Drone Services, we can provide accurate mapping and surveying solutions to provide realistic terrain models and photo realistic 3D models. Aerospot excels in delivering high-quality, cost-effective imaging, data and video for mapping, analysis, surveying, thermal imaging, and more.  We have dedicated staff providing creative and technical services giving us a wide range of specialized capabilities.  


  • FAA Part 107 Licensed Pilots

  • Multiple aerial platforms and cameras

  • Aerial Cinematography

  • Photogrammetry

  • Mapping

  • Inspection

  • Training

  • Consulting







Commercial Real Estate Photography

  • Demonstrate the value of commercial properties with a multitude of aerial angles and views. Depict existing businesses, anchor tenants, location features and more.

Imagery & Cinematography

  • Get aerial footage of your location, products, and special events in stunning 4K HD clarity. Show your customers views of your properties and products and give them reason to love you more.

Residential Real Estate Photography

  • Prospective homebuyers come to showings equipped with more information than ever before and often have tentatively concluded which home they want to purchase before ever even setting foot in a house or speaking with you. Because this technology is only now becoming available to all, most home listings still don’t feature aerial photos or videos, thus creating a tremendous opportunity for you to stand apart from other agents and influence clients early.

Mapping & Survey Services

  • Get maps geo-referenced orthomosaics, and real-time project updates. Take measurements from aerial photographs and convert images of land masses into maps, 3D models, or drawings.

Inspection Services

  • Get high-resolution and up-close imagery of virtually any structure. Save time and money while improving the safety of your operations.

Thermal Imaging

  • Get highly accurate thermal and multispectral imagery that will help you pinpoint potential problems with absolute precision.

Real Estate & Cinematography

Construction & Mapping


Our professional drone services provide stunning aerial footage including images, video, and panoramas for any project. or to showcase your residential or commercial property.

Track, map/model, survey, inspect, and manage your worksite projects. Construction site aerial imagery is the innovative solution to deliver sophisticated analytics, or provide a visual progress reports to stakeholders.

Drone inspections can be done more quickly and safely than having personnel climb towers. We provide high resolution photography and video of power and cellular transmission infrastructure for inspection purposes.

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